Call It: Worst NFC South loss in Week 1?

As we all know, the NFC South had a historically bad opening week. All four teams lost and that’s only the third time that’s happened since the NFC South was created in 2002.

But all losses aren’t created equal. I’d say Carolina’s loss to Arizona was actually encouraging because rookie quarterback Cam Newton had such a strong debut. I also think it’s tough to read too much into New Orleans’ opening loss, although I am concerned about the defense. The Saints went into Lambeau Field and took the defending Super Bowl champions down to the final play.

There’s no glossing over the losses by Atlanta and Tampa Bay. Both were ugly.

Which was the ugliest? I’d vote for Atlanta’s loss to Chicago because the Falcons didn't look anything like the smart and efficient Falcons we've seen the past three seasons. But let’s hear your thoughts. Take a look at our Call It poll to the right and cast your vote for the most discouraging NFC South loss in Week 1 and feel free to back up your reasoning in the comments section below.