More perspective on LeGarrette Blount

We talked previously about how little Tampa Bay Buccaneers used running back LeGarrette Blount in the season opener. He carried just five times for 15 yards.

Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris attributed that to the fact the Bucs used their two-minute offense for much of the game and suggested Blount’s not prepared to handle the running back duties needed in that scheme.

ESPN Stats & Information just passed along a little nugget that shed some light on just how little a factor Blount, who ran for 1,000 yards last season, was in the loss to Detroit.

Including plays negated by penalties, Blount was on the field for just 13 of Tampa Bay’s 66 plays (19.7 percent). The only starting running back in Week 1, who appeared on a smaller percentage of plays was St. Louis’ Steven Jackson, who was injured on his second rushing attempt.

By the way, one other note along the same lines. In Week 1, the Bucs attempted only two play-action passes. That tied the Steelers for fewest in the league. On those two passes, Josh Freeman completed one for five yards and the other was intercepted.

There might be something to be said for at least having the threat of a running game in your offense.