Southern exposure for Week 6

Time for our weekly look at where Sunday’s NFC South games will be televised throughout the country.

It’s not too difficult to follow this week, but let’s turn to the506.com for the maps. If you’re an NFC South fan, you’ll see a lot of red, literally and figuratively. The two NFC South games aren’t getting much exposure this week. They’ll pretty much be limited to the South.

The 1 p.m. ET game between Carolina and Atlanta will be shown through much of the South, but will dip only as low as the Florida panhandle. The rest of Florida, like much of the rest of the country, will get the game between San Francisco and Detroit.

The viewership area for the later game between New Orleans and Tampa Bay is even smaller. Knock off the Carolinas and knock off the Tampa Bay and Orlando markets because this game is not sold out and will not air live locally. Aside from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, most of Georgia and a few pockets of Florida, the game between Dallas and New England will be airing through the rest of the nation.