Dominik: Bucs not moving to London

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently in London and the NFL’s recent passage of a resolution to continue holding games there, there has been some speculation the Bucs could relocate there permanently.

General manager Mark Dominik shot that theory down Friday morning.

"This team is never going to relocate from Tampa and go to London,'' Dominik said. "We're the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.’’

When passing the resolution, league officials said teams will be allowed to volunteer for one “home’’ game a year in London and talked about the value of having a team build a fan base there by playing there once a year. The Bucs will become the first team to play in London twice when they play the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

That, along with attendance issues in Tampa, fueled the speculation about an eventual move. But Dominik said that’s not happening.

Dominik did not rule out the possibility of the Bucs playing once a year in London, but said he hasn’t discussed that prospect with ownership.