Ovie Mughelli: 'I'll be back soon'

If we’re going to find out any news on the knee injury that Atlanta fullback Ovie Mughelli suffered Sunday anytime soon, it’s not going to come from coach Mike Smith.

“This week we are going radio silence on injuries,’’ Smith told the Atlanta media moments ago. “We won't have any news on injured players.’’

The Falcons, like a lot of teams, are usually tight-lipped about injuries. With a bye this week, they’re not required by the NFL to give any injury updates. Smith later added that if he knew of a season-ending injury, he would announce it.

Mughelli sent out some encouraging words on his verified Twitter account.

“Thx for all the love and support guys,’’ Mughelli wrote. “I promise I'm ok. It looked worse than it is. I heard the slo mo looked bad on tv. I'll be back soon.’’

Smith said he’s giving his players the week off, so there’s really only one sure way to know quickly if Mughelli is going to miss an extended period of time. That will be if the Falcons go out and sign a fullback Monday afternoon or Tuesday.

If they don’t, then it’s safe to assume Mughelli’s injury won’t keep him out for the long term. If the Falcons had to get by without him for a game or two, Jason Snelling could handle the fullback duties. If the Falcons bring in another fullback, then Mughelli could be out for an extended period.