Mughelli: Suh was out of line

It’s been a full week now since the Atlanta Falcons beat the Detroit Lions in a game that involved a lot of accusations after the fact.

If you were hoping that was over, it’s not. Although he suffered a season-ending injury in that game, Atlanta fullback Ovie Mughelli still is writing a weekly diary for his hometown newspaper in South Carolina.

Mughelli said he didn’t see and hear everything, but backed up previous claims by center Todd McClure and receiver Roddy White that the Lions were taunting quarterback Matt Ryan while he was down with an injury.

“One guy in particular, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was the one giving Matt the hardest time,’’ Mughelli wrote. “Don't get me wrong we were talking right back to the Lions, but to question a guy's injury after you've nearly ripped his head off is ridiculous.’’

Mughelli also went into specifics about the knee injury that he suffered late in the game. The good news is that he did not tear his ACL.

“An MCL injury is quicker to overcome than an ACL, so I have no doubt that I'll be as good or better for the 2012 season,’’ Mughelli said. “There was no damage to the bone, so it could have been worse.’’