Bucs' schedule historically tough?

We’ve already discussed how the Buccaneers have faced one of the league’s toughest schedules in their first nine games. Coach Raheem Morris also has mentioned it.

No doubt, the Bucs have played a difficult schedule. But the folks over at Grantland are taking this a step further.

They’ve used a complicated mathematical formula and they’re saying the Bucs have a schedule that's so difficult that it's historic. Well, good to see the Bucs are making history for something.

They point to the last six games and say that the closest comparison game when the 2000 Washington Redskins played a brutal six-game stretch. The formula is great and it might help put Tampa Bay’s 4-5 start into perspective.

About the only thing I’d add that isn’t mentioned is that six-game stretch also included a “home’’ game in London. Traveling that far is never easy, even though it sounds like the Bucs may do it again in the future.