NFC South programming notes

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Now, it’s time to get ready for a busy weekend in the NFC South, so let’s take a look at what’s ahead.

First off, there will be no NFC South chat this Friday. I’ll be working, but the people in Bristol that handle the technical part of the chat are off. We’ll have our usual Final Word segment later this afternoon and will check in on the important injuries when the final injury reports come out late Friday afternoon.

We’ll help make up for the missed chat Monday night. NFC East colleague Dan Graziano and I will be chatting throughout the game between the Saints and Giants and I believe Matt Williamson, KC Joyner and ESPN Stats & Information will be joining us. To get into that chat, just go to the NFC South Blog on Monday night and you’ll see a post for Countdown Live that you can jump right into.

I’ll also have a column to preview the Monday night game over the weekend. I can’t give it away early, but I’ll hint that it’s about an area in which the Saints have shown dramatic improvement lately.

Having a Monday night game will help me watch the three Sunday games closely. I’ve got a place where I can sit in one game and watch the Buccaneers against the Titans, the Panthers against the Colts and the Falcons against the Vikings all at the same time. I’ll get you wrap-ups on those games soon after they finish.

We’ll also get you the Sunday morning inactives at approximately 11:30 a.m. ET. I’ll also check in during the Sunday games if there is anything of major significance.