Film of the NFC South chat

Surprisingly, Friday’s NFC South stayed pretty much an NFC South chat and didn’t become a Super Bowl chat. That’s a tribute to the die-hard fans in the NFC South and I’m grateful for that.

Let’s take a look at the chat highlights:

Chris (Atlanta): Let’s incorporate the NFC South and Super Bowl in the same question. Since Thomas Dimtroff has been in Atlanta, he seems to be trying to create New England South here in Atlanta. What are the odds that Atlanta gets rid of high priced Michael Turner and becomes a heavy passing team like the New England Patriots?

Pat Yasinskas: Dimitroff is also the guy that brought Turner in in the first place. Smith and Dimitroff believe in having a solid running game. Turner could leave at some point, but they'd bring in someone else. I don't see them just giving up on running game.

Pabo (korea): Hey pat, any chance the bucs take a look at peyton manning, since the franchise hasn't been able to sellout any games. I think peyton will sellout games and get the bucs to the playoffs, they can trade freeman and try to get a quarterback in either this years or next years draft to sit back and learn from the greatest.

Pat Yasinskas: You serious??? That doesn't fit their plan at all. They're building with youth. You bring in Peyton and he plays for a year or two and that's it. Meantime, you'd be showing Freeman the door. He's a guy who could be your QB for the next 10 or 12 years.

Gary (Chicago): The Pro Bowl has to be one of the worst games to watch, ever. With this being said, what are your thoughts on changing the format to a NFL "Futures" game (ie. Senior Bowl) and recognize the all stars during halftime? Viewership would be huge with the draft junkies....

Pat Yasinskas: I'd be all for it. Might have to cut through some red tape with the NCAA, but it sounds like a great idea to me. Pro Bowl always has been a non-event and it got far worse this year.

CP (Brooklyn, NY): Falcons have to bring back Abe don't they? I mean there is no other pass rush on the roster and from the looks of Free Agency, there's nothing out there either, especially without a first rounder...Thoughts Pat?

Pat Yasinskas: Yeah, unless somebody else gets cut somewhere else, I don't think there's much choice. Abe is aging, but he's still their best pass rusher.

Steve A (Ventura CA): Pat! Love your blog, I check it daily. Whats your take on the big name free agents the Saints have next year? What do you anticipate the Saints doing with Will Smith, Robert Meachem, Tracy Porter, and the 2 big guys up front Franklin and Rogers? I think they should all be cut because none of them stepped up and really did anything this year. I agree that Colston, Nicks are must stays, and even Vilma should be given another shot, but everyone else should be left walking. Thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas: Obviously, Brees stays and I think they'll find a way to keep Colston and Nicks. Might be tough to keep Porter and Meachem. They might bring Franklin back for one more year. Will Smith has huge cap figure and they could clear up a ton of room by cutting him. But they don't have another pass rusher. So the answer there might be to restructure Smith. Vilma's a tough call. I know he's almost an icon. But he's making big money and his play slipped last season. The knee obviously was part of the reason for that. But, at his age, you have to worry that the knee could be a chronic thing.

ronde barber (one buccaneer place ( andy )): am i going to come back? retire? go to the redskins and play for raheem?

Pat Yasinskas: You tell us. A lot of it is up to you and if you want to continue playing or not.

Mike (Winston Salem): I sent you a letter about Jerry Richardson this morning. He called my cell phone yesterday after I wrote him a letter. I hope you got to read my letter. It was such a cool experience. The Panthers are so lucky to have him as our owner.

Pat Yasinskas: Will check out your letter. Mr. Richardson is one of the classiest people in the NFL. Heck, he's one of the classiest people I know, period.

Here’s the entire transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.