Brooks' media career continues to branch out

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

Another week, another media gig for Derrick Brooks.


I just heard the former Tampa Bay linebacker sign on as a co-host on Sirius NFL Radio for the first time. He joined ESPN2’s "First Take" last week. Brooks says he still wants to play football this season but, with each passing day, it appears those chances are diminishing.

It’s Brooks’ life and the best player in NFC South history certainly has earned the right to do whatever he wants. But does anybody really want to see Brooks sign with some team later this season and be nothing but a bit player?

I don’t. Again, it’s his call, but I think Brooks could be headed for a point where he realizes playing no longer is in the cards. When he gets to that point, there’s a chance for Brooks and the Bucs to salvage a departure that was bungled (by both parties) when he was released in February.

The Bucs don’t have a great track record of sending players out properly, although they did it up right with Mike Alstott last year. They also were gracious enough to host John Lynch’s retirement press conference last year even though the team severely botched his initial departure.

There’s still a chance to end the Brooks situation on a very positive note. Whenever he’s ready to retire, the Bucs should throw him a bash that tops even the ones given to Lynch and Alstott. Those guys deserved those sendoffs. But Brooks is the best player in franchise history and there’s a chance for an ugly situation to end very nicely.