Film of the NFC South chat

We spent a lot of time looking ahead to free agency and the NFL draft during Friday’s NFC South chat. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Preston (New York): After watching a lot of Bucs film from last year, it seemed to me that Kellen Winslow looked slower, had problems creating separation, and made a lot of silly mistakes during the season (How many offensive pass interference calls against him?). Could the Bucs be looking to work on finding a replacement for him going into the offseason?

Pat Yasinskas: Wouldn't totally surprise me. Sure new coaching staff is looking at film of everyone right now. If they see same things you do, there could be a move.

Paul (Knoxville): Which piece is more important to NO...Nicks or Colston?

Pat Yasinskas: I've gotta go with Nicks. He's a big part of why Brees has been so well protected. Colston's great too. But you're asking me to pick between the two of them. I'll go with Nicks because they have -- and can add -- other guys that can catch the ball.

Cj South Carolina [via mobile]: Can the Falcons sign Nicks?

Pat Yasinskas: I still think he'll stay in New Orleans. Would he help Falcons? Absolutely. He's the best guard in the league. But I think the Falcons need to take care of left tackle before they do anything else.

Carter (Atlanta): What will the falcons do at left tackle?

Pat Yasinskas: Marcus McNeil? Maybe. But they better do their homework on the medical side. Other than that, it's tough to get a good left tackle in the draft when you don't have a first-round pick and the current list of free agents isn't all that attractive.

Paul (Knoxville): Saints getting Thomas Davis...could that be a possibility?

Pat Yasinskas: I could see Saints taking a shot on him. They have a history of taking shots on guys whose careers have been stalled by injuries or other reasons. If Thomas can get back to being what he was before the injuries, he could be a steal. But obviously that's a lot to expect from a guy who has had three torn ACLs.

Ben (Atlanta): Do you think Jason Baker will be replaced in the near future? No one talked about it much last year because punting isnt a really fun topic, but our net punting avg was horrible.

Pat Yasinskas: Ah, yeah, there's a good one. I should have mentioned him before when reader asked about potential releases for Panthers. I could see that one happening. He's making pretty big money for a punter.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.