Scouts Inc.: Panthers will be just fine without Gross

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The Panthers are in better shape than most people realize. Left guard Travelle Wharton is experienced at left tackle and will be able to switch back quickly and fill in for injured left tackle Jordan Gross without a drastic impact. In fact, I don't see this as a major blow to Carolina.

Gross is a little more athletic, but Wharton has a strong lower body, can set his feet better and is a little more stout versus a power rusher. He also has as much experience at left tackle as anyone on the Panthers and it wouldn't even surprise me if Wharton has already practiced taking reps from left tackle, just as an injury precaution.

Plus, Wharton is familiar with the Panthers' offensive scheme. The only difference is that he will be on the outside instead of the inside when he is reacting to the stunts, twists, shifts, etc. up front.

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