Brees led NFC South QBs in Week 4

ATLANTA -- Matt Ryan was the only NFC South quarterback to win Sunday, but he had the division’s lowest Total QBR.

Ryan’s 47.9 Total QBR came in at No. 20 in the league for Week 4. I’m guessing his seven sacks and one interception had something to do with the low total. But Ryan rallied the Falcons to victory in the final minute and also finished with three touchdown passes.

New Orleans’ Drew Brees actually had the division’s highest Total QBR (82.3), but that came in a loss to Green Bay. Brees’ total ranked No. 8 through Sunday’s games.

Carolina’s Cam Newton was No. 11 at 68.7, but that came in a loss to Ryan and Atlanta.

Even Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman was slightly higher than Ryan. Freeman’s Total QBR was 48.2 (No. 19).

But Ryan easily has the Total QBR lead for the season among NFC South quarterbacks. At 80.0, Ryan is No. 3 in the league.

Newton’s season score (57.9) is No. 19 in the league. Brees (53.8) is No. 21. Freeman (33.1) is No. 29.