Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a team-by-team look at some of the highlights of Friday’s NFC South chat.


Jon(Falcon fan) (GA): How long can Abraham go this year playing the number of reps that the he has been playing? Can't Sidbury play more?

Pat Yasinskas: Yeah, I had a note about that yesterday. Abe is playing way too many reps. They've got to either give Sidbury or Edwards so more reps to keep Abe fresh.

David W (Atlanta, GA): "Weak Arm" - "Can't win on the road" - "Can't win outdoors" - "He's only a game manager" - Pat, would you agree that Matt Ryan has put these arguments to rest with his start this season, with only the "Has yet to win a playoff game" argument left?

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, agree totally. Only one knock left on him.


John (Charlotte NC): Pat I think it time that both Ron Rivera and Marty (Hurney) put on the hot seat. The Panthers game against the Seahawks was embarrassing.

Pat Yasinskas: I think they're there.

Richard (Arden, NC): Pat, you're Ron Rivera. What changes do you make coming out of the bye next week?

Pat Yasinskas: Put Kuechly in the middle and start using the running backs like running backs.


Pål (Oslo, Norway): Do you think there is any realistic chance of the Saints making a serious push towards a postseason appearance?

Pat Yasinskas: It's a long shot. A lot of things would have to improve in a hurry.

Joshua ((Atlanta)): How long do you think this next round of suspensions will take to stick or not. Getting really sick of the drama. Seems like to me the Saints are gonna miss Will Smith in a tougher part of there schedule coming into more divisional games after there bye.

Pat Yasinskas: I think there's a chance it could drag on all season. That's what happens when you get lawyers involved.


Ashor Daniel (Chicago): Pat, why cant the Bucs seem to hold a lead in the fourth quarter? seems like that is what is missing from a 4-0 season.

Pat Yasinskas: Think Bucs are still very much a work in progress with a new coaching staff and a fair amount of new players.

Jeff (ABQ): Freeman hasn't been great, but with the exception of Dallas, he hasn't been bad either. By season's end, will we see better numbers and just assess the Cowboys game as an outlier?

Pat Yasinskas: I think you'll see improvement as season goes on. He's still adjusting to new coaching staff, new scheme and some new teammates.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.