Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a team-by-team look at the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Will Mayfield (Dahlonega, GA): Pat, what would it take for the Falcons to get some respect? Ryan is an MVP candidate and the Falcons are the ONLY unbeaten team. People point to post season woes, but they do that only with the Falcons...

Pat Yasinskas: Just my personal opinion, but I think the "respect" thing is getting old. Falcons are getting lots of attention.

Thomas (Dalton, Ga.): I don't care about respect from everyone else. If we win the Super Bowl they will have to respect us. But let's get to the PO, and win there first. One game at a time, like Smitty says.

Pat Yasinskas: Exactly.


Phillip (Charleston, SC): Do you see either Beason, Gamble, or DeAngelo Williams getting cut at the end of the year in order to create cap room?

Pat Yasinskas: Possible. Panthers already are well over the salary cap for 2013 and it's obvious there will be some major changes, no matter who is there as GM and coach.

Ben (Atlanta GA): Are the Panthers going to have to completely rebuild the team or do they have enough to reverse course next year pending a good draft and some tactful roster cuts?

Pat Yasinskas: Still a lot of individual talent there, so I don't think they have to blow it up completely.


Mike (NOLA): Do you think if the Saints went back with that old steel wool turf for the superdome that Patrick Robinson might try a form tackle rather than chest-sliding at everyone ankles?

Pat Yasinskas: That might be one of the funniest lines I've ever seen in one of these chats! Good job.

CC (Atlanta): If Ingram really was that good wouldn't the Saints use him more? Seems silly to say otherwise.

Pat Yasinskas: That's a unique offense and Sproles has to be on the field a lot of the time. Put Ingram with, let's say Atlanta or Tampa Bay as a true feature back and I think he could be solid.


Bigtone (new jersey): Pat i am a die hard bucs fan, and after the mega melt down last year it feels good to see them compete in every game, i am wondering though, if they are competing so good this year whats the chances that they go from what everyone says is overachieving to bieng a really good team, schiano is not going to let this team melt down like morris did last year...your thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas: Who's saying they're overachieving? I don't see that. I see a team that's making nice progress and should only continue to get better.

MJ (Palm Beach, FL.): Hey Pat,If the Buccaneers continue to succeed and reach the playoffs, no matter how far after that they go, is Greg Schiano a lock for "Coach of the Year"?

Pat Yasinskas: If they make the playoffs, he's definitely a candidate. But might be hard to beat out Mike Smith if he ends up with 14, 15 or 16 wins.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.