Film of the NFC South chat

Friday’s NFC South chat was held outside its normal time frame due to a scheduling conflict. But that didn’t seem to matter. We got the same great participation as always.

Let’s take a run through some of the team-by-team highlights:


Kyle (ATL): What was the tipping with Ray Edwards? Why release him now? Do the 3 guys mentioned as replacements have the talent to produce?

Pat Yasinskas: Like I said, I think it was more than just his lack of production. Maybe his attitude wasn't the best and maybe there were concerns about that impacting the locker room. Are the other guys ready to produce? Not sure about that. But at least they'll give maximum effort.

James Stephens (Atlanta): With Turner's lack of speed burst and his size, do you think Falcons would be better using him as a FB and then using Quizz as RB on some plays? Allowing Quizz to use his quickness to get to the hole and Turners size to catch the a LB or D-Lineman in the backfield.

Pat Yasinskas: Not sure about using Turner as FB, but wouldn't mind seeing Jacquizz get a few more carries.

Dylan (Rock Springs, WY): What can the Falcons do to improve their run game?

Pat Yasinskas: Not sure there's much they can do right now. But it surely will be an offseason priority.


Eric (Raleigh, NC): Pat, Is there any chance Jerry Richardson will go after a big fish who is both coach and GM? He obviously struck out with Ron Rivera going with the guy that has no experience. I am hoping for a proven Head Coach. I would love for it to be Andy Reid. I think in order for Reid to come here he would have to offer the GM role as well. Any chance this could happen?

Pat Yasinskas: Just going on Richardson's history, I'd say no. He made Seifert coach and GM and that was a disaster. After that, Richardson said he'd never give one person all the power again. But, hey, he could change his mind.

Adam Creed (Boone): I doubt there's room cap wise, but has there been any thought of Ray Edwards going to the panthers? / Any word on where he might go?

Pat Yasinskas: First off, Ray Edwards wouldn't command a big contract right now. Second, Panthers have about $4.5 in cap room for this year, but are over cap for next year. Lastly, in talking to some people with Panthers, I don't think they're real high on Edwards.

Donneith (Columbia, SC): Do you think that the Panthers new GM could possibly look to replace Cam as out QB?

Pat Yasinskas: No, too much invested in Cam and he still has lots of upside. Whoever is hired as GM will be someone who has a plan for building team around Cam.


John (Mobile) (via mobile): Pat do you really think Payton is considering leaving for the Dallas job? Do you see the saints going de or db in the draft?

Pat Yasinskas: I can't read his mind. It's really up to him. But nothing would surprise me. As far as the draft, I'd go DE first.

Richard (Ann Arbor, MI): Since Tracy Porter's only playing on a 1-yr contract, could the Saints afford him if Denver decides not to resign him? Could use the help in the secondary.

Pat Yasinskas: Agree they can use help in secondary. But not sure Porter would be the guy for them. There were reasons why they let him go in the first place.


Quez (Muck Bowl, FLA): Pat, with Freeman re-establishing himself in the top-10 of NFL QBs, do you think we will resign him before the season ends? If so, what kind of money do you think he could get??

Pat Yasnskas: I think, at this point, they'll wait until after the season. Best to avoid distractions. But I think an extension will come shortly after the season. As to how much he'll get, I don't think it will be Brees/Manning money, but it will be significant because he's a guy who's got tons of upside and seems to be a perfect fit in their offensive system.

Will Rogers (New Port Richey): I know Q. Black wasn't our best player on defense but he had decent speed. With Adam Heyward replacing him, is it going to affect the way they keep Cam bottled up this week like they did in week one?

Pat Yasinskas: Hayward's not bad at all. Let's see how he does Sunday.

Kevin (Largo): What do you think of Doug Martin as ROY?

Pat Yasinskas: I think he's a strong candidate. But it might be tough to overcome Andrew Luck, simply because he's a QB and has a huge profile.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.