Where they rank on offense, defense

The New Orleans Saints' defense allowed a season-low 404 yards in Sunday’s victory against the Oakland Raiders. But that still isn’t enough to get the Saints out of last place in the NFL’s defensive rankings.

The Saints remain No. 32 in overall defense. They’re No. 32 against the run and No. 31 against the pass. Tampa Bay isn’t far behind the Saints. The Bucs are No. 29 in overall defense, but that comes with a big gap between the run defense and the pass defense. The Bucs are No. 1 in the league against the run, but they rank No. 32 against the pass.

Carolina is No. 19 in total defense (No. 20 against the run and No. 17 against the pass).

Atlanta has the division’s top-ranked defense. The Falcons are No. 18 overall (No. 26 against the run and No. 11 against the pass).

The NFC South has three offenses that are ranked in the top 10.

The Saints are No. 5 in total offense (No. 26 in rushing and No. 2 in passing). The Falcons are No. 7 in overall offense (28th in rushing and third in passing).

The Buccaneers are No. 10 in total offense (No. 9 in rushing and No. 14 in passing).

Carolina is No. 22 in overall offense (No. 16 in rushing and No. 18 in passing).