NFC South programming notes

ATLANTA -- I’m about to begin the trip back to NFC South Blog headquarters.

Keep an eye on our main NFL page for any breaking news while I’m out of pocket. I’ll weigh in on the developments of the day when I get home late Monday afternoon.

Looking ahead, there will be no NFC South chat on Friday because the folks that run the technical side of the chats will be off Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. But, other than that, it should be a pretty normal week.

On Sunday, I’ll be covering the game between the Falcons and Buccaneers. I’m very curious to see if the Bucs can sell out (or at least meet the 85-percent threshold to allow the game to be aired on live local television). They’re 6-4 and very much in the playoff race. The Falcons are 9-1 and their fans aren’t known for being big travelers to out-of-town games.

But that could change this week because Atlanta fans are on the bandwagon for a team that’s winning and Tampa isn’t that far a trip, especially for Falcons’ fans in Southern Georgia. Still, I don’t know if that will be enough to fill up Raymond James Stadium.

As we’ve noted many times before, Tampa Bay is a unique market, filled with a lot of people that moved in from somewhere else and a lot of them have kept their allegiance to the team from their original hometown.

I got a reminder of that last Friday as I made a five-minute drive on Bruce B. Downs Blvd. in New Tampa. I stopped at a traffic light and the car ahead of me had a Carolina Panthers' bumper sticker.

About a minute later, I saw a group of construction workers and one of them was wearing a Falcons' hat. Up the road a bit, I spotted a jogger wearing a Saints' T-shirt. Finally, as I turned into my subdivision, I saw a car that had a Bucs' license plate.