Halftime thoughts on Panthers, Eagles

It might not be the marquee matchup that many of us imagined back when the schedule first came out, but the "Monday Night Football" game between the Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles has been entertaining so far.

At halftime, the Eagles have a 15-14 lead. At least it’s close.

But it didn’t like it was going to be that way. The Panthers jumped out quickly to a 14-3 lead as Cam Newton threw two touchdown passes. But Carolina’s run defense and special teams have helped let the Eagles get back into the game.

Philadelphia rookie running back Bryce Brown has gained 129 yards on nine carries. The Panthers also have allowed a long punt return and Josh Thomas was called for running into the return man on another punt.

I’ll be back with a wrap-up soon after the game ends. In the meantime, if you’d like to chat with us during the second half, stop by the Countdown Live post right below this one.