Best hands in the NFL?

When ESPN Stats & Information sends out its weekly package that includes the league leaders in individual and team dropped passes, I usually do a post about it.

It was relevant last year when Atlanta’s Roddy White was running away with the league lead in dropped passes. It’s still relevant this year because New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham leads the league with nine drops and Tampa Bay running back Doug Martin isn’t far behind with seven drops.

But let’s go in a different direction this week and talk about a guy that’s hanging onto the ball. Let’s talk about Tampa Bay’s Vincent Jackson.

He is one of only six receivers in the NFL that have been targeted more than 40 times not to have a drop. Jackson’s been targeted 97 times and has produced 50 receptions. He’s been targeted more often than the other five receivers without drops.

That means Jackson is tied for the league lead with a 100 percent catch percentage (receptions divided by receptions plus drops).

Let’s run through catch percentages for the rest of the NFC South wide receivers:

  • White, 95.8