Wrap-up: Bills 20, Panthers 9

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

Hey, there’s no shame in losing to Buffalo. Especially when you’re at home.

Especially when you’re facing a quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. And most especially when you’ve got a chance to turn your whole season around.

No, I’m just kidding on all that. Carolina’s performance against Buffalo was so dismal that I truly believe it might have sealed the fate of coach John Fox. I’m totally speculating here, but I think Fox could be out at the end of the season -- maybe even sooner.

It’s rare to make changes at this point in the season and I think Jerry Richardson would be very hesitant to pull the plug now. That said, I’m not totally ruling out the possibility that Richardson might make a move.

This loss was beyond bad and it makes you wonder if players still have much faith in Fox. Heck, this is just my gut feeling (although it’s based on some things I saw and heard back when I covered the Panthers regularly), but I don’t think Richardson’s been totally sold on Fox for two or three years now.

Richardson couldn’t fire Fox back in 2007 when quarterback Jake Delhomme was out for most of the season and Fox was telling anyone who will listen that it’s impossible to win without your quarterback. Richardson couldn’t fire Fox last season when the Panthers choked and lost a home game to Arizona because the coach went 12-4 in the regular season.

But Richardson could fire Fox now or later in what’s shaping up to be a horrible season and no one would bat an eye. Maybe Fox makes it through the season, but I think you’ll be able to point to today as his real demise.