NFC South programming notes

It was a fairly eventful weekend in the NFC South with the Atlanta Falcons keeping William Moore and Garrett Reynolds and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers re-signing LeGarrette Blount and saying they want veteran defensive back Ronde Barber back for another season.

But there still is a lot of work to be done between now and the start of free agency Tuesday afternoon.

The New Orleans Saints still have to get under the salary cap and that’s likely to mean the release of some players. The Carolina Panthers have gotten under the cap, but they might need to create some more space if they’re going to re-sign any of their own free agents or pursue any players from outside.

The Falcons still are trying to re-sign Sam Baker and Brent Grimes and are awaiting a decision on if veteran tight end Tony Gonzalez will return for another season.

The Bucs said they’re giving Barber time to make his decision, but they didn’t specify how much time. It certainly would be helpful to know by the start of free agency (or close to it) if the Bucs will have Barber on their roster.

It should be an action-packed several days in the NFC South. Stay tuned. We'll have our NFC South free-agency primer this afternoon and I'll be reacting to any news as it happens.