Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a look at the team-by-team highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Pete (ATL): What changed your tune on Steven Jackson?? You were wary from the start, was it the modestly priced short term contract?

Pat Yasinskas: I wasn't wary. I said it wouldn't be a bad move. All I said was I thought it would be a better long-term solution to draft someone. Still feel that way, but also like the Jackson move.

Khalif (Atlanta): Any news on Brent Grimes resigning with falcons?

PY: All is very quiet on the Grimes front. Suspect that, like a lot of other CBs, he's finding out the market isn't what he thought it would be.

Michael (SC): What do you see Atlanta doing on defense now?

PY: Getting a pass rusher somehow.


JM (Charlotte): Why release James Anderson with the recent injury history of the Carolina linebacker group?

PY: Had way too much money tied up at LB.

IKNOWFOOTBALLKNOWLEDGE (CT): DO YOU THINK THE PANTHERS ARE GOING TO DRAFT A DT OR WR and also I could see the PANTHERS drafting an OG in the first what do you think?

PY: I'd go CB if there's one there in first round.

Joe (Savannah): Is there any buzz about who the panthers are most interested in? At this time last year the consensus was Kuechly, is there someone out there like that now?

PY: Sheldon Richardson is the one I've heard most. But it hasn't been as strong a buzz as last year.


Ryan Mullen (DeRidder, LA): I believe that Charles Brown is talented enough to keep Drew Brees off of the ground, considering NO's offensive style. He has been EXTREMELY injury-prone, though (he claims 100% health now). What are the chances he starts, and his backup comes from the draft? or, Does the LT need HAVE to be addressed in FA?

PY: I'd get someone as an insurance policy. But I think they're hoping Brown can step up and be the guy.

Randy (New Orleans): I really believe in this offense happy league, the best defense in NFC South will probably win this division. Can Ryan change culture of Saints defense to get them where they need to be?

PY: Possible. They just need to be respectable on defense to be a very good team. Still need to add some personnel.

Randy (New Orleans): Any chance of Saints landing Ed Reed?

PY: Sounds like Texans are leaders in that clubhouse. Haven't heard anything to suggest Saints have gotten involved.


Kyle Knapp (Tampa FL): Pat, where do we stand with Revis, are things still looking good for us to trade for him? And are we in play with any other CBs that are still available?

PY: Think it's still a possibility. But think Bucs are waiting for Jets to drop the price tag for compensation.

Harry (TB): How can Bucs be so sure Bowers won't serve prison time for bringing a loaded handgun in his carryon bag?? Letting Bennett leave for $5mm seems like a horrible idea, why are Bucs being so stingy?

PY: Bucs are confident Bowers will come out of that all right. I don't think Bennett was about being stingy -- they just paid a fortune to Goldson.

Ryan (Melbourne, FL): Pat, Do you think Tampa is going to release Eric Wright? and what is going on with the grievance he filed?? Thanks

PY: Don't know on the grievance, but think it's a long shot that he'll win it. Think they're holding on to him just until they get some other CBs.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.