Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a look at some team-by-team highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Kevin (Valdosta, Ga.): Pat- I really think the Falcons are becoming a popular pick for the Super Bowl, and I agree. What terrifies me is if Matt Ryan gets hurt. What are your thoughts on their backup situation?

Pat Yasinskas: I think they should bring in a veteran backup. I like Dominique Davis a lot. But, when you've got a team that looks like it's capable of going to a Super Bowl, you don't want to hand things off to a guy that's never played an NFL down if something happens to Ryan.

James (GA): Are the Falcons waiting for Matt Ryan to sign before Trufant signs?

PY: I don't think that's the case. They have enough room to sign Trufant now. He and his agent might be just waiting for other first-round picks to sign.

CC (Atlanta): Why worry at all about a Ryan extension? There's this thing called the franchise tag. Ryan isn't going anywhere.

PY: Yep and I don't think it will even come to that. I think something will get done relatively soon.


Charles is Rockin' the Softness! (Winston Salem): Hi Pat, I was curious if you had heard anything more on the rumors of the Panthers signing Quintin Mikell? And if they did how much better do you think that would make the Panthers defense? Thanks

PY: Rivera has confirmed there is interest. I think something could happen shortly. I think it would be a good move. Mikell's a vet. Pair him with Godfrey and they should be fine at safety.

Cory (Johnson City): Pat, How can you have Bowers ranked ahead of Hardy on your top 25??? Surely must have been a mistaken omission?

PY: Not an omission. I expect Bowers to have a better season than Hardy.

Joel (NC): Pat, you know from my comments that while a Panthers fan, I am not a Homer. But I think you might be the only one on a very weak branch saying Bowers is going to outperform Hardy. I would go out on a limb and say Hardy will have the most productive season of any DE in the entire NFC South.

PY: You could end up being right. We'll see.


Scott (Northglenn, CO): A lot of people are predicting big things for Mark Ingram this year, what are your thoughts? Still too many RBs to divide work amongst for him to be a 1000 yard rusher?

PY: I expect his numbers to improve, but still they might be splitting carries too much for him to get 1,000 yards.

CC (Atlanta): And if the Saints still split carries that proves my point that Ingram is a bust. It's not like Thomas is that good. Ingram should've won the job outright. That he hasn't = bust.

PY: How about we let this season play out and determine if Ingram is a bust?

whodatv (new orleans): Hi Pat,The Saints struggled last year learning a new defense do you think this year will be any different? Allot of player in positions they never played before and Vilma didn't do well in a 3/4 defense while with the jets. Do you think the defense will do enough this year to return to the playoffs?

PY: That's the huge question facing the Saints. I'm still not sure they have the right personnel for Ryan's defense.


Marlon (Decatur, GA): Hey Pat...Big Bucs fan here...who is helped the most by the presence of Revis on defense in the secondary? I say Barron...

PY: I'd tend to agree with you. Think the arrival of Revis and Goldson will allow Barron to be more of an in-the-box safety, which is where he's at his best.

Sean (Gainesville): Pat, with Underwood and Ogeltree battling for the 3rd WR job, do you think the Bucs might use more 4 wide sets if the TEs flop early on?

PY: Yes, I could easily see that. It's not like they have a proven pass-catching TE on the roster.

Matt (Houston): Pat, what do you do with Josh Freeman THIS season if he doesn't win say, more than 3 games in his first 7?

PY: That will be up to Schiano, who certainly seems high on Mike Glennon.

Here’s the complete transcript of the NFC South chat.