Film of the NFC South chat

Let's take a look at some team-by-team highlights from Friday's NFC South chat:


Van (Georgia): Pat, do you see the Falcons increasing their search for a veteran backup QB given how Dominique Davis still struggled a bit last night?

Pat Yasinskas: Think they'll take another long look at DD next week. If he doesn't perform better, then I see them bringing in a veteran once teams start making roster cuts.

Luis (Albuquerque): Hey Pat, Liked what I saw from Matt Ryan and Co. Want to see the line get more of a push on 3rd and short, but a few more games to get that fixed. My concern is still Mobile QB's. Josh Johnson put on a clinic with his legs, continuing drives, long gainers. Any concern from you?

PY: Yep, the mobile QB thing was what I led my post with last night. They've got to get that fixed because they face several mobile QBs on this year's schedule.


Brent S (Raleigh, NC): What have you heard/seen about Shulas offense? Will it be similar to Chuds? Hopefully they will not run the read option to much.

PY: Think it will be similar to what they did the last eight games or so of last season. Think there will be less read option.

AP (Charlotte): Which is more likely in Carolina? Armanti Edwards finally putting it together with the lights on this year or David Gettis recreating his rookie success?

PY: Shocked I'm saying this, but I'll go with Edwards.


ramon (mexico city): yeah sure. i have one...why are my saints front office not looking for an outside verteran option at QB..Seneca Wallace? Luke McCown? I mean, god forbid but if Brees goes down...i see neither of them carrying the complex Peyton offense.

PY: They went with Chase Daniel as backup the last few years. McCown and Wallace are better than Daniel ever was.

Daniel (Nashville): How did Hicks look when you were in NOLA for training camp? Do you think he will end up benefiting the most with Coleman out for the year?

PY: Thought Hicks looked very good. Saw him make some nice plays against the run and swatted down a couple of passes. I think he'll start in Coleman's place.


Darin (Louisville, Ky): Hey Pat. If Hillis can stay healthy, u think the Bucs could have the best RB tandom in the division?

PY: Not sure they'd be looking to use Hillis in tandem. More like insurance. They want Martin to be a work horse.

David (Raleigh): Mike Glennon looked pretty decent last night for the Bucs. Will he start at some point this year?

PY: Didn't think he looked good enough that we'd be getting this question already. Freeman would have to really bomb for Glennon to start this year.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.