Film of the NFC South chat

Time for a team-by-team look at some of the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Ryan (Pennsylvania): Who do you think will win the starting corner job in ATL, Trufant or Alford?

Pat Yasinskas: When all is said and done, I think Trufant will end up there. But Alford will have a role.

Matt Riddle (Atlanta, GA): Do you think if Roddy sits out a few games that it would allow Julio to emerge as the no. 1 receiver?

PY: I think Roddy will be fine. Keep in mind, Roddy's played in 128 straight games. They might rest him for rest of preseason, but I think he'll be ready to go for regular season.


Charles Rice (Charlotte, NC): Who should we look forward to starting week 1 for the panthers at strong saftey?

PY: Mike Mitchell seems to be the lead candidate.

John T (Asheville, NC): Cam Newton has been horribly inaccurate in camp and in the first two preseason games. His footwork is bad and he locks in on Smith far too much. This and the overall poor performace of the offense, minus DeAngelo Williams, has this long time fan seeing Rivera gone by midseason and no big extention for Newton. Thoughts?

PY: Don't read too much into preseason.

Chris (Las Vegas): Haven't seen Ginn in there on special teams...this because he's a lock and we just wanna see what we've got behind him?

PY: Yes and also to give him a little time to focus on playing WR.


Daniel (Ruston, La): Is the Vilma injury getting overblown? Wouldn't Hawthorne have likely started either way?

PY: Think Vilma is nearing the end of the road.

Steve A (Ventura, CA): Do teams recover any money from a players contract when said player gets injured for the rest of the season before the season starts? So basically do Bulter and Coleman collect even though they didn't do anything?

PY: Yep, the players get paid and the team is still on the hook for their salary-cap hit.


Darin (Louisville, Ky): Hey Pat how much does Freeman play tonight?

PY: Probably into the second quarter. That's pretty much the norm for second week of preseason.

Trent (Orlando): Should there be way more concern about the Carl Nicks Injury? When you hear a guy say it has changed the way he has to stand and will always give him pain seem pretty scary.

PY: Especially when you're talking about a guy that large. Yeah, I think it's a concern. Not saying his career is in jeopardy or anything. But makes you wonder if he'll be the same player as before.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.