Falcons' nickel could change on a dime

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- The Atlanta Falcons' official depth chart for this week's game against the New Orleans Saints says veteran Josh Wilson is the starter at nickelback.

Falcons coach Mike Smith, however, cautioned not to read too much into the pecking order at the position.

"Again, I think there are a number of positions on our team that it doesn't really matter what happens in Game 1," Smith said. "We don't have 11 starters. When we start talking about matchups, it could change at a number of positions, not just at the nickel position. I don't want to even get into who is this and who is that. We're going to line up on Sunday, we're going to have 46 guys that are going to be active, and we'll put the best 46 and the healthiest 46 on the field."

In terms of matchups, it seems like Wilson's veteran experience and his speed no doubt contributed to him winning that starting role in Week 1 against a Saints team certain to use multiple-receiver sets. Wilson could end up matching up with speedy Saints rookie Brandin Cooks out of the slot.

"Quick guy; explosive athlete," Wilson said of Cooks. "He's dangerous at all times. You've just got to be prepared. The biggest thing is speed, and that's what you have to be prepared for.

"Using everything to my advantage that God has blessed me with is what I try to do, no matter what the matchup is. There's not a lot you can really say about a man you've never played against. At the end of the day, they all either can run or can't run, or they're going to be quick or not quick. Being in the game so long, I've seen it all and understand how to adjust to it all."

As for Robert McClain, he didn't seem overly concerned about not being named the primary nickel to start the season.

"We're both getting reps," McClain said. "I don't too much look into all that stuff in the media. I just mind my own business and do what I've got to do."