Carolina DBs on target on Moss

Although Carolina defensive backs Chris Harris and Chris Gamble have taken lots of grief after suggesting New England receiver Randy Moss was loafing on Sunday, we’ve got some data that supports their points.

A Rolling Stone

This chart analyzes the play of New England wide receiver Randy Moss in Sunday's game against the Panthers.

ESPN’s Stats & Information performed a video analysis of the game and came up with some great stuff. I’ve already said I know Harris and Gamble, have no reason to doubt them and they’re not the kind of guys who would go out and talk trash. They simply answered the questions they were asked in their honest opinion.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have fired back, but here are some of the results of the video analysis and a lot of it supports what Gamble and Harris had to say. Here’s what Stats & Information wrote:

Moss was on the field for 66 of the Patriots’ 72 offensive plays on Sunday – S&A went back and looked at the video of the game to judge whether or not Moss hustled on every play. The conclusion was that Moss hustled on 78 percent of the plays that went to his side of the field, including 95 percent (19 of 20) of the pass plays.


The Panthers say that Moss gave up because they were bumping him at the line, and video analysis shows that this may have been the case. Nearly 60 percent of the plays Moss was on the field for, a Panthers’ defender lined up within an arms-length from him.

Defending Moss

This chart analyzes Carolina's defense against Moss last Sunday.

The Panthers were most aggressive in the fourth quarter as they lined up in press coverage with Moss on 13 of 19 plays.