Saints settle on Hartley as kicker

Just sent a story over to our news side on the Saints cutting kicker John Carney.

This is really not a big surprise because it seemed unlikely the Saints would carry two kickers on their postseason roster, even though they had been doing it all season. The release of the veteran Carney is confirmation the Saints are committed to Garrett Hartley, who has taken over the kicking duties in the last three games.

Hartley had been targeted to be the kicker for the entire season. But the Saints went out and signed Carney when they learned in August that Hartley would be suspended for the first four games for taking a banned substance that he said was a stimulant to keep him awake during a long drive.

Even after Hartley was reinstated, the Saints took the conservative approach and stayed with Carney. But coach Sean Payton implied that Hartley was outkicking Carney in the weeks leading into the switch.

The Saints made a couple of other roster moves Tuesday, signing fullback Kyle Eckel, who appeared in five games for them earlier in the year, and safety Herana-Daze Jones, who previously has been with the Bengals and Broncos.