Hovan says Bucs' defense was 'outdated'

Tampa Bay defensive tackle Chris Hovan, one of the more talkative players in the locker room, had some critical words for the defense the Bucs were using earlier this season and high praise for what they’ve been running lately.



Hovan called the defense the Bucs ran under coordinator Jim Bates “outdated’’ on Wednesday and also said the system didn’t work.

Hovan is correct that the system didn’t work, but I’m not sure Bates’ defense, which has been successful elsewhere, truly was outdated. If anything, I don’t think the Bucs had the personnel to run Bates’ scheme.

Since ousting Bates, head coach Raheem Morris has taken over the defense and, for the most part, has gone back to the Tampa Two defense the Bucs ran under coordinator Monte Kiffin during the Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden eras.

Assuming Morris returns for a second season -- and I’d say the odds of that are pretty good right now -- look for the Bucs to stick with the Tampa Two. We’ll see if Morris brings in a new defensive coordinator for next season, but it’s a pretty safe bet the Bucs won’t be switching schemes again.