Updating Peria Jerry's recovery

Loyal reader Steve from Rochester, N.Y. sent a note to the mailbag the other day, asking about particulars on the knee injury that sidelined Atlanta defensive tackle Peria Jerry for almost his entire rookie season.

Steve was looking for details about the injury because it was reported as a “torn-up knee’’ for the most part and also wanted to know how Jerry’s recovery is coming.

I got on the phone to the Falcons. Jerry has suffered torn ligaments, but did not tear the ACL, and that’s significant. The team wouldn’t specify what other ligaments were involved. The outlook is that Jerry should make a full recovery, but the Falcons aren’t making any timetable public.

They say Jerry is taking part in a rigorous rehab routine at their facility virtually every day. He’s mostly working on strength and flexibility. He is not running yet, but that appears to be the next step.