NFC South mailbag

Matt in Atlanta writes: There has been so much talk and movement with cornerback this off-season, which is a huge need for the Falcons, but I was really concerned when I saw that Harvey Dahl was unsigned going into the offseason as well. I believe he could be a strong, long-term staple on our line. Is there any news on his situation?

Pat Yasinskas: Dahl is a restricted free agent and I seriously doubt the Falcons will let him go even if he gets an offer from another team. Dahl is a tough and consistent player on a pretty good offensive line. The Falcons don’t want to lose him.

Derek in Mandeville, La., writes: I was reading yesterday that now that the Saints have lost Scott Fujita to the Browns, the Saints are able to go after a 2nd tier free agents. So because that they are bringing in Leonard Little and possibly Jamal Williams this week, what impact could either of those 2 guys make to our current defensive line rotation?

Pat Yasinskas: Just because the Saints are having those guys in for visits doesn’t mean they’re going to sign them. They both would be nothing more than rotation players. Yes, the Saints are in the market for some depth on the defensive line, but I think they’re just doing their homework at this point. Guys like Little and Williams could still be available much later in free agency at very reasonable prices.

Scott in New Orleans writes: What will the Saints do if they lose Sharper? Are Taylor Mays and Chad Jones viable options for New Orleans? I like them both.

Pat Yasinskas: First off, I still think there’s a good chance Darren Sharper re-signs with New Orleans. If he doesn’t, I think his replacement might come from within. The Saints used last year’s top pick on Malcolm Jenkins and decided to try him at cornerback first. Jenkins did all right there as a rookie, but Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter established themselves as elite corners last year and they’re not going anywhere. Jenkins has the size and skills to switch to safety. Teams usually like to have a first-round pick starting by his second season.

Adrian in Augusta, Ga., writes: Hey Pat, love the blog man. When are we going to get that mock draft featuring all the ESPN blog stars?

Pat Yasinskas: Not sure if that’s happening or not. I’ll run it up the ladder. But I know that last year the bosses decided against it because they felt we already had a glut of mock drafts on our Web site.

Lee in Kenansville, N.C., writes: Is there any possibility that Darren Sharper might be going to Carolina?

Pat Yasinskas: Not going to happen. Look at what’s going on in Carolina with the youth movement. The Panthers aren’t going to suddenly reverse all that in bring in a 34-year-old.

Aaron in Greensboro writes: What's the word on Jake Delhomme? Any thoughts or rumors as to where he might end up?

Pat Yasinskas: Quiet so far, but I think Delhomme eventually will land somewhere as a backup. I’ve already theorized Tampa Bay and New Orleans could be logical landing spots for him. His days as a starter may be over, but the fact he’s intelligent and a good guy in the locker room still give him some value as a backup.