Mailbag: Carolina Panthers edition

We’ll start Wednesday’s series of team-by-team mailbags with the Carolina Panthers.

Scott in Portland, OR writes: What do you think of Carolina as a possible landing spot for Derek Anderson? By the way, I really like your blog as you don't shy away from calling people out when calling out is due or have a problem giving credit when credit is due. You're very balanced in your approach and it's appreciated.

Pat Yasinskas: Flattery will get you everywhere here. Thanks. Onto your main question, which was asked in varying forms by dozens of Carolina fans. First off, I know no official indication the Panthers are interested in Anderson, so I want to emphasize that I’m not reporting they’re going after him. However, it’s logical for us to look at this one from a distance and think it makes a lot of sense. Anderson is a relatively young quarterback with some starting experience. He also spent time with offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson in Cleveland. Anderson still has upside and a change of scenery might be good. I thought Matt Moore played well at the end of last season and he just might be the answer. But I don’t think the Panthers should put all their eggs in one basket. Anderson at least fits the profile of what I think they should look for.

Nick in Raleigh writes: Considering the roster purge that Carolina just made, I was wondering what you thought the trade value of all those players was? I understand that none of them were exactly standouts (with the possible exception of Brad Hoover), but collectively they must have had some value. Couldn't we have sent packages of two or three players out in return for some decent draft picks or even a QB like Kevin Kolb?

Pat Yasinskas: Sounds nice in theory. But guys like Maake Kemoeatu, Damione Lewis and Landon Johnson were all at the back ends of contracts that were back-loaded. Even in an uncapped year, other teams wouldn’t have been willing to trade for aging players with big salaries.

Gary in Katy, Texas writes: As a Panthers fan I'm wondering when we are going to start signing some players to fill some holes? I can understand Jerry Richardson wanting to save money and cut some veterans but we now have holes everywhere. I can't understand why they don't take some of that money they are saving and sign some guys to contracts that won't break the bank but guys who are decent as well.

Pat Yasinskas: I know it seems like the Panthers aren’t doing anything. But hang in there. This is a long process and we still have months of free agency and the draft. I don’t see the Panthers doing anything dramatic. But, over time, they will make some moves to fill those holes. They have to.

Nathan in Cary, NC writes: I do not understand why everyone is so shocked at the cuts in Carolina this offseason. Jake Delhomme is the easiest - his play was just not good enough, and weren't people calling for his head? Now they are shocked? I don't get it. Everyone who was cut, besides Hoover, was an over-the-hill role player. I really do not understand Panther fans. John Fox gets slammed for his loyalty to veterans in 2009, and when he cuts them in the offseason, he gets slammed for that too. Am I missing something?

Pat Yasinskas: Ah, a voice of reason. Glad someone can look at the big picture.

Al in Washington, DC writes: Pat - What's your best guess on Steve Smith's reaction to all this? At 30 he's far from over the hill, but he has got to see the end in sight and ground up projects can't get him too excited. If Matt Moore flounders, do you see Smitty finishing his career as a Panther?

Pat Yasinskas: Good question. But I learned long ago not to even try to guess what might be in the little man’s mind on any given day.