NFC South Sunday mailbag

Dwight in Atlanta writes: Do you know where I could find out which pro days the Falcons have/will attend?

Pat Yasinskas: I can guarantee you the Falcons will have someone at virtually every pro day workout. That’s common practice with all NFL teams. Now, it may be just one scout at some workouts. But they’ll have scouts, assistant coaches, coach Mike Smith and general manager Thomas Dimitroff at other workouts. Smith and Dimitroff don’t publicize their schedule for these things. But keep an eye on the newspapers in the college towns. After the workout, they generally mention who attended.

Bobby in Burlington, NC writes: Please tell me Steve Smith isn't being traded anywhere. The way they have been cleaning house it makes me nervous.

Pat Yasinskas: Understandable, but I think you’re safe on this one. With the possible exception of Jon Beason, Smith is the best player the Panthers have. Even though he’s 30, he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. He also is close to owner Jerry Richardson and coach John Fox. I don’t see the Panthers parting ways with Smith.

Doc in Charlotte writes: How Cleveland signing Jake Delhomme effect the $12.6 million that Carolina owes him?

Pat Yasinskas: It doesn’t impact it at all. That was guaranteed money and Delhomme will get every bit of it. Plus, he’ll make a nice chunk of change in Cleveland.

Bryan in Tampa writes: Quick question, as an Ole Miss fan and a Saints fan, what do you think the odds are of the Saints using their first round pick on Dexter McCluster if no big name LBs or SSs are still around? The last big name to come to New Orleans from Oxford turned out to be one of the most beloved players in the history of the Saints. Think of the defensive mismatches you could make with a backfield containing Reggie Bush and Dexter McCluster. Do you think it could happen?

Pat Yasinskas: I’d say it’s a long shot because I think the Saints have bigger needs on defense, mainly at outside linebacker and on the defensive line. But you never rule anything out with Sean Payton. McCluster is a unique talent -- part running back and part wide receiver -- and that may intrigue Payton. And you’re right, the Saints certainly had great success with Deuce McAllister when they took him from Ole Miss.

Jim in Winston Salem, NC writes: The Panthers have traded away future #1 picks the last two years on draft day in order to move up in the draft. As a result, they are without one this year. If they were to do the same next month, what would they have to give up to get back into the first round?

Pat Yasinskas: That would be a real challenge. The Panthers probably would have to give up their second-round pick, plus one or two more picks. The other option would be to include a player with a pick or two, but that’s much easier said than done. Given the way they’ve approached this offseason, cutting players and not being very active in free agency, I think they’ll be content not to have a first-round pick. It will save them from having to pay a first-round salary.