Favre could haunt Packers in the NFC

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas.

Although Tampa Bay appears to be the perfect landing spot for Brett Favre, that may be one of the last things the Packers want to see happen.

There's a well-known and unwritten rule in the NFL that you don't trade with teams in your division and you try to avoid trading with teams in the same conference. The Bucs and Packers don't play in the same division, but the NFC rivals do have a Sept. 28 game in Tampa's Raymond James Stadium.

It's a safe bet the Packers won't trade Favre to NFC North rivals Chicago or Minnesota, but they're not going to get a lot of interest from AFC teams. That may leave them with little choice but to trade Favre to an NFC team and it sure appears the Bucs will be in the mix.

Trading Favre to a team the Packers have to play is not a pleasant thought, but the fact the regular-season meeting is in Tampa makes it a lot more tolerable than if it was in Lambeau Field. The bigger concern for the Packers is that dealing Favre to the Bucs might come back to haunt them later on.

Favre could help the Bucs to the playoffs and there's the potential for Green Bay's worst nightmare -- a playoff game against Favre and the Bucs at Lambeau Field.