Falcons looking to get healthy

ORLANDO, Fla. -- I got to spend some time with Atlanta owner Arthur Blank and Thomas Dimitroff this evening and we’ll have some parts of those interviews in some stories over the upcoming days.

There was no major news as Dimitroff admitted the Falcons are pretty much focused on the draft after making their one big splash in free agency by signing cornerback Dunta Robinson. But I did want to share with you what Dimitroff said when I asked about the health of Peria Jerry, William Moore, Harry Douglas and Michael Turner, who had significant injuries last season.

“They’re healing up well,’’ Dimitroff said. “They’re fired up about getting in there. I saw Peria the other day and he’s got a little bit of that second-year swagger now, even though he didn’t play a whole bunch last year. He’s excited about coming back.

“Right now, it seems like they’re all on track for camp or definitely for the opening game. But you want to make sure you don’t rush too much because the ultimate thing is to have them ready for the beginning of September.’’

That’s the cautious outlook and the smart one. It’s wise not to set timetables because there are variables involved, but it sounds like the Falcons should be healthy.