NFC South landing unlikely for 'Big Ben'

My AFC North colleague, James Walker, has just been inserted into the lineup as the centerfielder. That’s what you are when one of the franchise quarterbacks you cover is suddenly available. You’ve got to chase down every rumor and there are many of them.

I know, I did my time in that spot back when Michael Vick’s rights still belonged to the Atlanta Falcons. To try to help James out, our bosses up in Bristol asked all of us to tell him what teams in our divisions could be interested in trading for Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Wish I could be more helpful, but here’s a slightly-edited copy of what I sent to James:

"I don’t think anyone from the NFC South will be in this mix. New Orleans has a franchise quarterback. Atlanta has a franchise quarterback. The Bucs think they have a guy who can become a franchise quarterback. Carolina is the only team with a need at quarterback, but there’s no way owner Jerry Richardson would touch Roethlisberger.''