NFC South: 2013 Week 6 NFL Buzz

Locker Room Buzz: New Orleans Saints

October, 13, 2013
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Observed in the locker room after the New Orleans Saints' 30-27 loss to the New England Patriots:

Greer faces fire: Saints cornerback Jabari Greer welcomed the media interrogation after he gave up the game-winning touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Kenbrell Thompkins. Greer said it was the first last-second game-winner he'd allowed in his 10-year career and admitted he'll replay it in his mind for a long time. He said his teammates deserved better. But Greer also insisted that neither he nor his teammates will let that play define them, and he knows he's capable of making those plays going forward.

Pats man up: Like many teams, the Patriots made it their top priority to take away Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, using top cornerback Aqib Talib on him as well as frequent double teams. But this time, the Saints' other top weapons weren't able to take advantage.

“They still played man and everything,” Saints running back Darren Sproles said. “But they did a good job of it.”

Wounds still fresh: At some point, the Saints will probably take several positives away from the fact that they overcame an early 17-7 deficit and almost pulled off the comeback. But they weren't quite in that frame of mind yet.

“It sucks,” guard Jahri Evans said. “But we'll digest it, just like we do a W. … We'll be better because of it.”

No word on Graham: Graham left the game in the fourth quarter with an apparent ankle injury. But the team offered no updates postgame, and Graham didn't appear in the locker room, so the severity is unknown. He'll have an extra week to heal with the bye week coming up.

Locker Room Buzz: Carolina Panthers

October, 13, 2013
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Observed in the locker room after the Carolina Panthers' 35-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings:

Been there, done that: Quarterback Cam Newton entered the locker room wearing a pink hoodie over his head but not much reaction on his face. Despite a career-best passer rating, he looked like this was just a routine game.

Stairway not to heaven: Left tackle Jordan Gross apparently wasn't thrilled with the path from the field to the locker room. "Stairs were worse than the game,'' he said.

Two more, please: Coach Ron Rivera reached through the locker room door and asked for two more game balls, one for linebacker Thomas Davis and the other for safety Mike Mitchell. He could have used a dozen.

Moving on: Defensive end Greg Hardy refused to answer any questions about Minnesota, putting all of his focus on next week's game against the St. Louis Rams.

No trash talk: Wide receiver Steve Smith, who last week called umpire Dan Ferrell "garbage,'' couldn't get over still being asked if he's been fined by the NFL. "I did not get fined,'' he said.
TAMPA, Fla. -- Observed in the locker room after the Buccaneers’ 31-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles:
  • Glennon
    If you were expecting explosions out of the Tampa Bay locker room after a fifth straight loss, you’ll be disappointed. Some players clearly were frustrated, but most of them mouthed the same old clichés about the need to execute better.
  • As he met with the media, coach Greg Schiano said something about sticking to his convictions. In other words, he isn’t going to suddenly scrap the use of a zone defense.
  • Tight end Tim Wright might have been the only player in the locker room with something positive to talk about. The rookie caught nine passes for 91 yards and was swarmed by the media in the locker room.
  • Win or lose, protocol in the NFL is for the quarterback to address the media as a group. Mike Glennon did that, but his news conference lasted only two questions. There simply wasn’t much to be said about another disappointing loss.