Mel Kiper's NFC South summer audits

In this Insider post, Mel Kiper has his summer audits on the four NFC South teams.

In each case, he takes a look back at the draft, a look at remaining questions (that’s a little more significant this year because we’ve yet to have free agency) and what’s ahead, where he projects a 2012 draft pick for each team.

I’m not allowed to give everything away, but we’ll give you a glimpse at one thing Mel had to say about each team. He’s got the Falcons drafting Missouri defensive end Brad Madison next year. That could happen, but I’m almost certain the Falcons will make a major move at defensive end as soon as free agency opens.

Kiper praises Carolina’s drafting of Brandon Hogan in the fourth round. The Panthers have taken some heat for that one because Hogan has had some off-field problems. But Kiper says he’ll add a much-needed physical presence at cornerback.

Kiper has the Saints drafting Purdue defensive tackle Kawaan Short in 2012. Sounds like he thinks Shaun Rogers might only be a one-year bridge.

Although he admits there is risk due to a knee injury, Kiper heaps praise on the Bucs for taking defensive end Da’Quan Bowers in the second round.