Some fun with Wonderlic test

Some pretty funny stuff here by our Page 2 people on the Wonderlic test that draft prospects take at the scouting combine.

With the help of readers, they’ve come up with some unique questions for consideration in future tests. This kind of reminded me of something I just read in the book “Badasses,’’ by Peter Richmond. It’s about the Oakland Raiders during the 1970s and it’s a good read.

But there’s one particular anecdote in there that had me laughing out loud. It was about a defensive lineman named Charles Philyaw, who the Raiders drafted in the 1970s. At some point during the draft process, the Raiders asked Philyaw what he took he college. Technically, they were asking him what he studied and maybe they should have specifically asked him what he majored in.

Philyaw thought he was giving a satisfying answer by saying he hadn’t taken any money. His answer: “Some socks and underwear.’’