Panthers down to five from Super Bowl squad

We always talk about how short careers are in the NFL and how rosters turn over quickly. But those ideas really just hit home with me.

I covered the 2003 Carolina Panthers, the team that made the franchise's only Super Bowl appearance. With tonight’s news that Jake Delhomme is gone and the fact Muhsin Muhammad and Julius Peppers will be free agents in less than an hour, I just grabbed a Carolina roster and did some math.

According to my calculations, that leaves the Panthers with only five guys from that Super Bowl team. They are kicker John Kasay, receiver Steve Smith, fullback Brad Hoover, offensive tackle Jordan Gross and cornerback Dante Wesley.

Kasay, Smith and Hoover were key contributors on that team and Gross, although only a rookie, had an instant impact. Wesley played a minimal role on special teams that year and left the Panthers for Chicago in 2006 before returning in 2007.