NFC South: Franco Harris

Interesting item from Charles Chandler about Carolina running backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. They’ve already become the sixth pair of teammates in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards in a season.

But Williams and Stewart have a chance to take that a step beyond what tandems such as Larry Csonka/Mercury Morris and Franco Harris/Rocky Bleier did. They have a chance to become the first pair of teammates in history to reach the 1,100-yard mark.

Williams already is past it with 1,117 yards and that may be as high as he goes. Williams hasn’t been practicing because of an ankle injury and might have to sit out Sunday’s finale against New Orleans. That would only create more carries for Stewart, who has rushed for 1,008 yards.

If Stewart can run for 92 yards against the Saints, who haven’t been shutting down the run lately, he and Williams will have a place to themselves in history.

Carolina RB duo by the numbers

October, 19, 2009
Posted by’s Pat Yasinskas

Just got some fun stuff from ESPN Stats & Information on what the Panthers did in Sunday’s win over Tampa Bay.

Both Jonathan Stewart (110 yards) and DeAngelo Williams (152) topped 100 rushing yards as the Panthers ran 48 times, the second most in franchise history. Williams’ 30 carries were a career high.

Since the start of last season, Williams leads the NFL with eight games in which he’s rushed for at least 100 yards and scored a rushing touchdown. Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson and Atlanta’s Michael Turner each have done it seven times and the Jets’ Thomas Jones has done it five times.

It’s the third time Williams and Stewart have rushed for at least 100 yards in the same game. The last pair of teammates to do that was Pittsburgh’s Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier. They did it three times in a span of five weeks in 1976.

Dungy, Vick: A perfect match?

July, 27, 2009

Posted by's Pat Yasinskas

Just moments after he walked into One Buccaneer Place (the old dump out on the airport runway) in 1996, Tony Dungy showed Lamar Thomas and Tyji Armstrong the door.


Thomas was going through some ugly domestic issues and Armstrong had run up a lengthy rap sheet under former coach Sam Wyche. That was Dungy's way of telling his team he wasn't going to put up with trouble.

He never went out and sought guys with character questions, and he even kept Warren Sapp in check. In the early days of Dungy's regime in Tampa, watching practice often gave you the feel you were at a church league flag football game. I think it stayed that way into his later days in Tampa and on to Indianapolis.

If a player played for Dungy or a coach coached under him, he was almost always a nice, well-behaved guy with no character issues.

So what is Dungy doing now? He's reaching out to Michael Vick.

Dungy and Vick is a mismatch if ever there was one, it seems. But this pairing could turn out to be great.

Dungy is going to work as Vick's mentor as the former Atlanta quarterback tries to get fully reinstated into the league. When Dungy left coaching last year, he said it was partly because he wanted to do something more than coach. The fact is, Dungy always was a mentor while he was a coach, maybe even more of a mentor than a coach.

Here comes his next challenge. I've got no doubt about what Dungy brings to the table. I had the pleasure of covering him for The Tampa Tribune and learned a lot about life just by watching how the man conducts himself. That was from a distance.

Vick's going to get the up-close class and they're going to be cramming. It's actually a wonderful opportunity for Vick. Say what you want about the horrible things he did to put himself in this spot. They were despicable and then some.

But if Vick really is contrite and really wants to straighten out his life, there's no one better to help him than Dungy. I've had a chance to talk with former Atlanta coach Dan Reeves several times and some other people who have been with the Falcons. They're all sour on what Vick did, but they also say he's a young man with some good qualities if he can just make better decisions and stay away from some of his friends who drag him down.

If Vick can just reach out to Dungy, the coach is going to pull him up higher than he's ever been. I've long said Dungy should be in the Hall of Fame when his time comes. If he gets Vick to fly right and resurrect his career, Dungy's got an automatic pass to Canton.

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer talks about Vick's conditional reinstatement.