Panthers kicker Graham Gano weighs in on deflated footballs


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano can’t comment on what a deflated football might mean to a quarterback, but he did share this experience from a Jan. 3 playoff victory over Arizona.

Gano wrote on Twitter that he asked the official if he could check the PSI (pounds per square inch) after the initial check because the ball felt flat. He said the official told him he could not.

“I guess you can’t blame the official for that," Gano wrote on Twitter. “Rules are rules. Maybe the league will make some changes this offseason. Sucks kicking a flat ball tho."

Gano went on to say the officials check the PSI indoors.

“This is frustrating bc the ball loses some pressure in the old weather," he wrote on Twitter.

The temperature at kickoff against Arizona was 51 degrees, the same as it was at kickoff when New England played Indianapolis in Sunday’s AFC Championship that has become known as “Deflate-Gate."

Gano reminded he can’t relate to what may or may not have happened with the New England footballs that the Colts believe to be underinflated, an issue the league is investigating.