NFC South: Greg Jennings

Posted by's Pat Yasinskas

Something happened in Green Bay on Wednesday that I'm sure was followed closely in Atlanta. Packers receiver Greg Jennings signed a big contract extension.

It's a three-year deal reportedly worth $27 million and includes $16 million in guaranteed money. So what's that mean to Atlanta?

A lot. The Falcons have been having some talks with receiver Roddy White about a new deal, but it doesn't sound like anything is close to happening. The Jennings deal sets some new parameters the Falcons and White could work with.

But we're only talking loose parameters. Fact is -- and I'm sure White's agent will make the Falcons aware of this -- White's been more productive than Jennings. White went to the Pro Bowl last season and Jennings was an alternate.

There's one other factor at work here. Although White's contract is scheduled to expire after this season, he can only become a restricted free agent next year. So there's not an extreme urgency for the Falcons to do anything here.

They could play hardball with White and work the system. But I think the Falcons will make an honest effort to get White a new deal before the start of the season. They don't want one of their best players disgruntled and there's no doubt they want to keep White for the long term.

Barber talk will only get stronger

September, 28, 2008

Posted by's Pat Yasinskas

TAMPA, Fla. -- There was a lot of talk in the Florida media this week about Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber after he struggled in last week's loss to Chicago.

It's only going to continue and get stronger. Barber just slipped (it did rain hard here before the game) on Green Bay's touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings.

Some of the critics have said Barber, 33, is getting too old and has lost a step. But that wasn't the problem on the Jennings play. Barber lost his footing, fell to the ground and never came close to recovering. Looks like the team's equipment staff is now working on the bottom of one of Barber's shoes on the sideline.