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Video: Jets-Saints field report

October, 4, 2009

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols on the Jets’ and Saints’ preparations for Sunday's game.

Programming notes for the weekend

October, 3, 2009

Posted by’s Pat Yasinskas

A few programming notes to kick off the weekend. I’m planning to post team-by-team mailbags throughout the day Saturday.

I’ll also be making my way over to New Orleans later in the day Saturday and will be covering Sunday’s game with the Jets live from the Superdome. Should be very interesting to see the Saints in person for the first time since training camp. I’ll also be keeping an eye on the Bucs and Redskins from the Superdome press box.

Final Word: NFC South

October, 2, 2009

Posted by’s Pat Yasinskas

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Five nuggets of knowledge about this weekend’s games:

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE
Just blitzing alone is not enough to stop New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees.
To blitz or not to blitz. I respect the heck out of what Rex Ryan has done with the Jets defense. But I find it ironic that a lot of people just assume the best way to stop Drew Brees and the New Orleans offense is to blitz as frequently as the Jets have been. That actually may be a formula for disaster because Brees isn’t like other quarterbacks. He’s actually better under pressure, mostly because he can identify it so well and react to it. While it might make sense to pressure another quarterback, blitzing Brees might make him do things like check off and throw to Marques Colston in single coverage.

Saints come marching in. Amid all the talk about the New Orleans offense going against the New York defense, the flip side has kind of gotten lost. Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez has played well, but the Saints will come after him. The Saints have forced mistakes by young quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Kevin Kolb in recent weeks. They’re going to keep doing that and, before we realize it, the Saints are going to be ready to challenge some experienced quarterbacks. That’s why they’re shaping up as a very dangerous team.

Johnson starts. I see nothing wrong with the Bucs starting Josh Johnson at quarterback against the Redskins. This team needs a spark that Byron Leftwich wasn’t providing. Maybe the Bucs will hit on something with Johnson and maybe not. There’s nothing to lose here because the expectations on the Bucs are minimal and the pressure on the Redskins is huge. In a worst-case scenario, Johnson plays like the late-round pick he was and the Bucs move on to first-round pick Josh Freeman in a couple of weeks. In a best-case scenario, Johnson plays well and the Bucs can continue to let Freeman sit.

Stick with the plan. I think the largest problem with the Bucs is their defense. They spent the whole offseason talking about how they were going away from the Tampa Two scheme and we’ve seen them revert back to it at times in the last two weeks. That’s not going to help in the big picture. When you start a rebuilding project, you stick with it. It’s accepted that it might be ugly in the short term. But you can’t worry about the short term.

Enjoy the bye. Carolina and Atlanta have byes this weekend. If I’m Atlanta coach Mike Smith, I’m telling my team to relax, enjoy the weekend and come back ready to practice on Monday. If I’m Carolina coach John Fox, I’m sitting in my office watching film of the early days with the Panthers and doing my best to remember what a Fox-coached football team is supposed to look like ... before it's too late.

Posted by’s Pat Yasinskas

New Orleans coach Sean Payton met with the media a little bit ago and said defensive tackle Kendrick Clancy, running back Mike Bell and left tackle Jermon Bushrod will be out of Sunday’s game with the Jets.

The Bell situation was not unexpected and the combination of Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas means the Saints are fine at running back. Anthony Hargrove is a solid alternative to Clancy. The injury I’d be most concerned about is Bushrod.

Zach Strief will start in his place. Strief did all right in a fill-in roll at Buffalo, but the Jets are going to be coming after him with a lot of blitzes. The Saints better be prepared to give Strief lots of help.