Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

As we wait for the labor situation to get sorted out, let’s take a look at the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat.

Dennis (Denver): If the money is equal, do you think DeAngelo Williams stays in Carolina or comes to Denver?

Pat Yasinskas: Everything I know says DeAngelo likes it in Charlotte.

Jon (NewYork): It seems to me everyone is sleeping on the Saints for some reason and I really don’t know why? Our D played outstanding and our offense just got more scary with more RB help. Does it really take one playoff upset for everyone to forget where you were two years ago?

Pat Yasinskas: Yeah, but maybe it's better to fly under the radar and not have the attention and expectations.

John (Raleigh, NC): Pat, isn't Donovan McNabb a perfect fit for the Panthers? He's the same style QB as Cam, will probably only be playing for another 2 years, has been a great mentor for other QB's in the past, and still has the ability to be an effective QB immediately. What do you think the odds are that the Panthers snag him?

Pat Yasinskas: Problem is if you bring in McNabb, he probably starts for a year, maybe two and Cam doesn't even get on the field.

Matt (Charlotte): Pat do you think that the panthers might go after Lance Moore who I think will be a great fit in Carolina?

Pat Yasinskas: If he gets out of New Orleans, I like the fit. But I'm not sure he gets out of New Orleans.

Peder (Sweden): Hey Pat, why is it a slim chance for the Bucs to bring in Nnamdi Asomugha or Johnathan Joseph? We need to get to the cap floor and behind Talib and Barber we're in trouble. Also, Talib might be going to prison. i don't think that it makes any sense to NOT sign one of these players.

Pat Yasinskas: I'd say Nnamdi is a long shot. But I wouldn't say that on Joseph.

John (Jackson, MS): Do you see the Bucs taking a step back this year?

Pat Yasinskas: I know some people say they had a soft schedule last year and might have had some young guys who overachieved. But, no, with the QB they've got, I don't see them taking step back. I think Freeman keeps them moving forward.

Christian (Denver): Why would Richardson even say that Smith is not on the forefront of his mind. The guy has always been known to fly off about the smallest things. Just seems stupid to give him the ammunition.

Pat Yasinskas: Might have been said by design.

Here’s the complete transcript from Friday’s NFC South chat.