NFC South: Pat Haden

Hitting the links on Saints' loss

August, 13, 2010
Let’s hit the links to explore the New Orleans’ Saints 27-24 loss to New England Thursday night.
  • Jeff Duncan writes that the Saints viewed a sloppy performance as a “wake-up’’ call. Let’s keep this in perspective -- it was only a preseason game. But any time a team can recognize some flaws in a preseason opener, that’s a good thing because there still is plenty of time to clean things up before the regular season starts.
  • The Saints lost punter Thomas Morstead to a shoulder injury and kicker Garrett Hartley had to take on the duties. We don’t know anymore about Morstead’s future status at this point. But as long as there isn’t major damage this shouldn’t be a huge deal because shoulders aren’t all that vital for punters. Still, this isn’t a great omen, coming on the heels of the loss of running back Lynell Hamilton to a major knee injury in a joint practice with the Patriots earlier in the week.
  • This one’s not related to the game, but it’s still rather big news involving a member of the Saints. New Southern California athletic director Pat Haden said Reggie Bush expressed deep regret about his involvement in incidents that led to NCAA sanctions against the Trojans. I’ve heard Bush talk about this situation several times. He can’t change what happened in the past, but he seems sincere with his remorse.
  • James Varney writes that the Saints saw bad tackling as one of their problems against the Patriots. That should make for a fun few weeks of practice with defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.
Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy is gone. Well, the trophy that the University of Southern California had has been relinquished. Bush still has his Heisman Trophy.

In announcing the hiring of Pat Haden as athletics director, the school also said it will return its copy of Bush’s trophy. The Heisman Trophy Trust has not asked Bush to return his trophy.

The NCAA found that USC broke multiple rules involving Bush and former basketball player O.J. Mayo, and the school has been punished. Now with the New Orleans Saints, this whole episode hasn’t had any tangible impact on Bush. But the running back has said he’s disappointed by what’s happened and still has strong feelings for USC.