Take a look at Sean Payton's place

Ever since the news broke that New Orleans coach Sean Payton is moving his family to Dallas, it’s been a hot topic among Saints’ fans.

A lot of people are wondering why. This story by Bob Warren might help explain it. If you don’t have time to read the whole story, just take a look at the picture of the 8,634-square-foot house where the Paytons will live. That should explain a lot.

Actually, the Payton’s aren’t really moving to Dallas. They’re moving to Westlake, Texas. It’s a suburb of Dallas and it sounds like it might be the suburb of all suburbs. Payton and is family are moving to an exclusive community of about 700 residents. Westlake recently was named as the nation’s most affluent neighborhood and the median household income is $250,000.

The current and former residents include baseball players Kenny Rogers and Josh Hamilton and the Jonas Brothers.