Film of the NFC South chat

We had all sorts of great questions in Friday's NFC South chat. Here's a team-by-team look at some of the highlights:


eric (arcata, ca) [via mobile]: the last time the falcons dropped 100 mill on a qb it didnt turn out as well. do you think this time is different with matty ice and do you think he deserves it? thanks pat and happy Friday.

Pat Yasinskas: Yes, I think he deserves it. He's produced five straight winning seasons and I don't think there are any off-field concerns with Ryan.

Sean (Vegas): Which rookie in the NFCS is going to have the biggest impact?

PY: I'll say Desmond Trufant. Think he starts right away and opposing offenses will challenge him right away.

Nathan (Mayer): Pat, if Matt Ryan doesn't have an extension does he hold out?

PY: I seriously think something will get done before camp.


Rick (Charlotte,NC): Is it time to start giving David Gettleman a little credit for what he has managed to do with the Panthers given the situation he had going in?

PY: Yes, he's making the most out of it. And I think the DeAngelo restructure was bigger than people realize. They freed up cap room in 2014 and '15, which is hugely important because they already were way over where the '14 cap is going to be.

Hank (Charlotte, NC): What do you see Gettleman doing with the money D-Will's restructure freed up?

PY: I wouldn't get your hopes up too high. Might make a mid-level move or two. But I think he's just setting up as much carry-over money as possible for next year's cap.

Prashanth (San Jose): Pat, I liked your piece on the Panthers OC Shula where you mentioned that he should be better at this role than he has been in the past, due to better talent he has at his disposal. But I am still concerned that conservatism is a deep instinctual behavior and this may well affect the Panthers offensive production this year. What do you think?

PY: Give Shula a chance. Think you might be pleasantly surprised. He had nothing to work with in his Tampa days. Plus, some of the conservative nature (maybe most of it) was due to Dungy. Shula and Rivera are coaching for their jobs. I think they'll play to their strengths.


Scott (CJS): Why do you think Sedrick Ellis is out of a job? From what I remember, he was solid for the Saints.

PY: Wouldn't say he was solid. I'd say he was an underachieving former first-round pick.

Brian( Kenner LA ) [via mobile]: Hey Pat. Just a quick statement. I don't think the Saints D is as bad as the stats say. Everyone, even you, thought it was a middle of the pack D last year and with the additions of Bunkley and Lofton they were better. So when you throw in a new coach and all the bounty stuff. I feel like they were set up for failure. With the additions this year and some normalcy, I see a bounce back. At least to the middle of the pack. Which is all they need. Thoughts??

PY: If they can get to anywhere near the middle of the pack on defense, Saints will be in great shape.

Paul (Knoxville): Any chance the Saints are setting up to release Harper, sign a veteran S (Woodson?) to replace Harper, and start Vaccaro..then upgrade the pass rush?

PY: Half of Harper's base salary is guaranteed. They'd take a cap hit if they cut him.


Nicolas (Parkland, FL): Is there a good chance that Mike Glennon starts at QB over Freeman in the first regular season game?

PY: Let's not get carried away. Freeman's going to camp as the starter and I expect him to open the season in that role. If he starts off poorly ...well, then things could change.

Darin (Louisville, Ky): Hey Pat with a healthy Bowers and Clayborn, and the addition of Gholston and Spence... How u think the pass rush will compare to that of last year?

PY: Remains to be seen. But I think it's pretty clear the Bucs have very big expectations for Bowers. We'll see if he can deliver. The potential is there.

BMand (Sarasota, FL): When is Revis expected to be able to fully participate in practice?

PY: Dominik has said he's confident Revis will be ready for start of training camp.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.