Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

The NFL draft, especially the future of Cam Newton with the Carolina Panthers, was the big topic in Friday’s NFC South chat. Here are some of the highlights.

JM (Charlotte) How confident are you that the Panthers are gonna take a chance and draft Cam Newton??

Pat Yasinskas: I've been saying for weeks, maybe a month now, that they're leaning heavily in that direction. I've not seen or heard anything that leads me to believe there has been any shift in their thinking.

Mark H (Greensboro, NC) What's wrong with waiting on a QB this year and re-addressing next year? Especially when it appears the QB class may be better. Carolina could easily sign vet and see what they have in Clausen.

Pat Yasinskas: I hear you and your logic makes sense. But I don't think Hurney and Richardson are thinking the same way.

CJ (West Lafayette, IN) Last year before draft time, I remember Sean Payton saying is how the Saints can't lock on to one guy or even one position. This year I haven't heard any of that. Do you think the Saints are eyeing someone in particular this time around?

Pat Yasinskas: No, when you're sitting at No. 24, you truly can't lock in on one guy or one position. Saints have been very good in recent years about not locking into anyone or anything and it's worked out for them.

Greg (Stone Mountain): What’s the word on the Falcons? Any idea who they have fairly firmly in their sights?

Pat Yasinskas: DE is definitely a possibility. But I'm not sure the right guy will be there at No. 27. I've been hearing more and more buzz about WR and Torrey Smith and Jonathan Baldwin are the names I hear.

Justin (Reading, PA): Pat, imagine Ryan Kerrigan lined up next to Gerald McCoy? McCoy was coming on strong and Kerrigan will make an immediate impact, I think the Bucs D will be relevant once again if they land him. What do you think?

Pat Yasinskas: I think Kerrigan would be a great fit. But I think he'll be gone before No. 20.

Here’s the entire transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.